jeudi 6 septembre 2007

Good times with weapons

With my xbox 360 and my television, I chose the program «good times with weapons» in High Definition. Who has never dreamed to become a ninja or a samurai and to play with truth sharp,cutting and violent weapons. The story took place in a park country fair. Because of the stupidity of the salesman, by persuading a seller that their parents died in an accident of car, the children obtained military weapons of the Weapons of the Arts East and begin to play ninjas. However, when Butters came to play with them, dressed in his professor's Chaos, Kenny launched him a shuriken in the eye. Paniced, the children did not know what to make and decided to hide Butters of his parents. Then, they decided to disguise him as a dog to take him at the veterinarian, but the veterinarian wanted to kill him for step to see him suffering, but Butters ran away. The parents found him and they saw Carmen naked. To conclude, the world was deprived to see of the nudity, but for weapons and violence they said nothing.

The message
I chose South Park because it's funny and there is a big touch of humor. In spite of his big violence, her controversial images, his raw language and the racism, at the end of this program, it always demonstrates the morality who make us reflect about what is good and what is bad. South Park is an american animated television comedy series about four school boys in fourth-grade who live in the small town of South park in Colorado. Four boys experiment any sorts of things which see in the daily life and it maybe dangerous for his own life. From this program, I hope to learn to not become an adult !